31 december, 2011

Ah what the hell

Another one, because of all the happy holiday spirit.

The first building we made in our city has had a 'bit' of a make-over. Mies van der Rohe's Seagram Building:


... And a happy new year!

Here we have some of Louis Kahn: the Phillips Exeter Academy Library.

There is much, much more stuff to show, but we'll do that later.




25 december, 2011

We give you...

Two new buildings. And a bit of a reorganization. We weren't really happy with the sizes of the squares and the roads, so we're reorganizing stuff. That's why it's taking a while.

A new entrance to the park:

Still under construction, but going to be way cool:

And finally, a glimpse of the way we work:

08 november, 2011

Texture pack

We've been getting a lot of questions about the texture pack we are using in the video. However, it's a combination of many good texture packs:

HalfCraft Source v1.3 by Jeroanimo
Johnsmith_V7.3a by JohnSmith
Johnsmith_V8 by JohnSmith
LB Photo Realism by Scuttles
Misa202 by Misa

We don't feel like we should release it, before we have permission from all these people. There are also many bugs or things that are crappy because they're simply not relevant for us. Some textures, like the wood texture, we have made ourselves, since we couldn't find any satisfying textures for that.

07 november, 2011

21 oktober, 2011

Two majestic houses and much more!

First of all, I rode past this one the other day, so I created it in Minecraft.

And, it was about time we had something of Frank Lloyd Wright, I suppose: Robie house.

A few new skyscrapers.The first cylinder shaped and a vertical style:

At night:

One peculiar park, influenced by Kasimir Malevich. 

It took some planning, but we now have our first canal running through the city!

And this is one of the bigger projects. More close-ups later, when the interior is finished.