09 november, 2013

High Rossferry City is out! Download the city for yourself and check it out!

It's available for download on our new site:

But also via this direct link:
DOWNLOAD World Map | Early Access | 1.2.6 | .zip | 95MB

Use it in combination with the resource pack, available via this link:
DOWNLOAD Resource Pack | 1.2.6 | x265 | .zip | 25MB

DOWNLOAD Resource Pack | 1.2.6 | x64 | .zip | 17MB


If you haven't seen the release trailer yet, check it out here:

05 november, 2013

High Rossferry City - Available for download - November 8

The release video for High Rossferry City. Available on http://www.highrossferry.com on November 8. Be sure to watch it in HD!


Music: Bas Bouma - Collapse. It's available here: https://basbouma.bandcamp.com/track/collapse