22 juli, 2012

One Atlantic Centre download

Here's a schematic for the One Atlantic Centre in Atlanta. It has an interior, elevator, stairs.. Hope you like it!

To experience it fully you need our texture pack!

DOWNLOAD High Rossferry Resource Pack 
1.6.2 | x64 | .zip | 17MB

DOWNLOAD High Rossferry Resource Pack
1.6.2 | x256 | .zip | 25MB

We'll just let the images speak

I do have one comment though. As a composer, I really like the Creative Commons license. YouTube also provides this. However, we have noticed that our video is being remixed, and the credits not only not given, but also cut out of the video. So they're no longer under Creative Commons license. A shame, but I guess we have to.

10 juli, 2012

Things just got real.

Click for full HD. Thanks to the amazing Chunky.

09 juli, 2012


Click on them for full HD. Thanks to the lovely Eihort world viewer.

Here it is. Number five.

Be sure to watch it in HD!