21 oktober, 2011

Two majestic houses and much more!

First of all, I rode past this one the other day, so I created it in Minecraft.

And, it was about time we had something of Frank Lloyd Wright, I suppose: Robie house.

A few new skyscrapers.The first cylinder shaped and a vertical style:

At night:

One peculiar park, influenced by Kasimir Malevich. 

It took some planning, but we now have our first canal running through the city!

And this is one of the bigger projects. More close-ups later, when the interior is finished.

03 oktober, 2011

Subway, new structures and our new skyline!

A new skyline is not an easy story. We've been busy to lower our whole city by about 30 blocks or so. This way we can build higher, and make the skyline of our city way more dynamic!

The subway has been there for a while now, but somehow we never got the chance to show you. So here it is. Some of the stuff is a bit older, but I thought it would be worth showing.



And some more structures

01 oktober, 2011

Full overview

To get an impression of where we are at the moment.

New office and the apartments

This is one corner in the northwest of the city.

First, an amazing new complex of three office space buildings in a modern brick style. The orange building is one of the first apartments in the city. It is well thought out in the structure of the apartments. The blue one is, I think, a great design, with very spacious apartments.

The bridges

At the moment, there are two bridges in our city. They connect the main parts of the city (downtown and suburbs) with the industrial parts. Pretty soon, two more bridges will be built.

We also want to show some more of our newest creations. However, the great program Eithort has yet to be updated to 1.8 and doesn't support the new glass panels yet. We'll patiently wait for that. But for now: