30 september, 2011


Of course, a city can't do without some industrial stuff.

It includes a first steps toward some docks. A nuclear power plant. Sewage treatment plant and a huge warehouse including a large office space.

We're also still working on the infrastructure of the city. New bridges are planned. We want to connect our highway, roads, overhead railway and subway to more parts of our ever growing city.

Personal house

Have a look in the personal house of one of the creators. The pictures and paintings on the wall are mostly existing work. Again, you may notice the influence of De Stijl, which still works great with Minecraft. We will also post some more house designs later, as we are currently working on expanding the suburbs.

As a bonus, here is one of the first buildings made in 1.8. The new glass panels gave us some fresh ideas. More new designs with these panels later.

10 september, 2011

09 september, 2011

Our creations inspired by Mies van der Rohe

Including some art works. We'll be doing a post on artworks in our city later.

The High Rossferry stadium

The stadium is a mixture of influences from the Wembley stadium in London and the Amsterdam Arena from The Netherlands. As it already is quite massive, we decided to have two rings, like the Arena and not three. But the chairs are red, like Wembley, for example.

Here are too many screenshots.